ISO・IATF Quality Management System

Fundamental concepts of Company

    LADVIK Co., Ltd. Strives to provide customers with high value products as a value-creative manufacturer of General metallic components and Chemical material supplier.
    We provide wire-springs, high-precision pressed and hybrid products and all typed of clamps to satisfy automotive, electric and housing industries as our main products.
    To add those products, we started to supply a soft foam products, adhesion coating and plastic molding products in 2018.
    By supplying those products in a global market, we create new value, plan for mutual coexistence with relevant countries and local community that customers belong.
    To concern an Environment and saving Energy resources, we work on Environment activity To meet this Basic Policy, we adopt and abide by the laws, regulation, social rules,,etc, to establish and implement quality, environment management system. We also constantly monitor and improve the effectiveness of this management system.

      1.Achieving the Goal of Management

      2.Satisfy customers by providing quality products
    Grasp and comprehend customer requirements by close relationship with customers.
    By improvement our technology, establish the product quality on a production process to provide high quality level products to customers and improve Customer’s satisfaction.

      3.Activity for Environmental policy
    We prevent Environment protection and contamination for following mission.
    1) Compliance obligation law and regulation including control Environmental substance.
    2) Clean-up activity premise and surround area.
    3) Implement saving energy activity
    4) Implement resource saving activities
    5) Reduce volume of scrap and recycling resources

      4.Full participation of employees
    Ensure employees understand Basic Policy and improve their skills Promote all employees’ involvements of Management System

      5.Activity for Safety and Health
    Improve all employees satisfaction for Safety and Health condition at work and hazardous-free environment.


This concept is improved continually or in case of finding opportunities for improvement.

Jan 1, 2019
LADVIK Co., Ltd.

Status of Certification (as of Feb 13, 2018)








[Certificate Number T6490/1~3
Initial Certification :January 10, 2018 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:T6490/1~3
Initial Certification :December 23, 2013 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:28369/1~3
Certification of updated version of 2015 : January 10, 2018 Certificate Authority : NQA]

[Certificate Number:28369/1~3
Initial Certification :December 23, 2013 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:JET-0033
Initial Certification :July 24 , 1996 Certificate Authority:JET ※transferred to NQA]

[Certificate Number:E03-361
Certification of updated version of 2015 : July 27, 2016. Certificate Authority : JET]

[Certificate Number:E03-361
Initial Certification :November 18 , 2003 Certificate Authority:JET]


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