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Privacy Policy

LADVIK Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter “LADVIK” or “We”) have prioritized risk-management and strengthening internal control system, based on legal compliance, the most two important management issues within the company. Recognizing the proper way of handling customer’s personal information is a social responsibility of LADVIK who shall take all possible countermeasures to protect information at its best effort.

  1. We will comply laws and regulations concerning proper handling of your personal information.
  2. We shall obtain your personal information properly other than those legally provided by law. We shall also disclose or use such information within the scope of purpose of use.
  3. We educate all officers and employees to understand the importance of protecting personal information, as the proper handling of customer’s personal information in our company.
  4. For handling the use of your personal information, we shall strive to implement appropriate security countermeasure to prevent the possibility of unauthorized access, loss, tampering and leakage of information from occurring.
  5. We shall not disclose customer’s private information to any 3rd party without prior approval from the related individual other than the cases commanded by law.
  6. If we outsource the management of personal information, we will properly supervise the company where is entrusted with the handling of personal information, to ensure safety of managing personal information.
  7. We have established procedures such as disclosure, correction of your personal information. In addition, we’ll accept any inquiry or comments regarding the handling of personal information.
  8. We shall constantly take effective countermeasure to protect and update the management system of personal information.

Nov. 1 2009
LADVIK Co., Ltd.

About the purpose of use of personal information

If we collect any personally identifiable information from customers, we
will explicitly disclose the purpose of use in advance. Also if we get
personal information indirectly from other person instead of customer
we will notify or disclose the purpose of use.
In addition, we will handle customers personal information within the
extent required for achieving the purpose of use, Only with customers
prior consent or permitted by law, we will not use such information
beyond the boundary required for achieving the purpose of use.

Inquiries about personal information
General Affairs Department, LADVIK Inc.
Location address:
1-18-12, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
101-0047 Japan
TEL +81-3-5283-7160
FAX +81-3-5283-7161

About sharing use of your personal data within LADVIK group

LADVIK group is composed of
LADVIK Co., Ltd., LADVIK Thailand Co., Ltd. and other affiliates (hereinafter “Group”). We shall strive for providing quality products to satisfy customers and make most use of the expertise of each Group member. To achieve this goal, we also need to have your permission to allow us using such personal data or information within the scope of use as following.

Items of personal data to interoperate

Customer’s name, address, telephone number, and information about transactions and individual occupation

Range of joint use

LADVIK group companies

Purpose of use

For guidance on each products For research and development For determining at the time of offer of services
For suitable performance of the business management of the Group, including comprehensive management of various risks.

The name of the person who has the responsibility for the management of personal data

LADVIK Co., Ltd.

[Latest update: Nov. 15 2012]



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