ISO Quality Management System

Basic Policy of Company

    Positioning ourselves as a value-Creative manufacturer of general metallic components, LADVIK Co., Ltd. strives to provide customers with series of high value-added products and excellent service.

    For creating new value, sharing common interest with our partners in global level so we can not only contribute to our society but also support the idea of co-existence and co-prosperity of partners in related regions and countries, we shall realize it via providing wire-springs, high-precision pressed products and combination of these two, versatile of clamps to meet the demands of automotive, electric and housing industries.

    Following the basic concept of "Friendly environment, Treasuring natural resources and energies", we take aggressive steps to respond to the demand of environmental free activities.

    To fulfill the goal, we adopt and abide by laws, regulations, social rules, other requests we agree to accept, etc. to build and implement LADVIK Quality & Environment Management System. In addition, we constantly monitor, review and improve the effectiveness of this system and make it better every day.

      1.Achieve the management goal
    Ensure all employees to work toward the management goal and to achieve it.

      2.Satisfy customers with excellent products
    Timely catch and comprehend customer demands via enhancing our communication skills. Through constant improving of creative technologies, we provide customers with quality products, built by our quality-embedded production lines. We constantly improve ourselves to outpace customers’ satisfaction.

      3.Handle environmental activities aggressively
    Our missions in terms of environment-protection and contamination-prevention are as following.
    1) Beautify the environment within our plants and the surrounding areas.
    2) Promote energy-saving activities
    3) Promote resource-saving activities
    4) Reduce scrapped materials while enhance recycling of usable materials.
    5) Follow laws, regulations to handle non-environmental-friendly material.

      4.LADVIK employees fully participate in Management-System
    Ensure our employees to understand Basic Policy thoroughly. Enhance their implementation skills via encouraging all of them to aggressively participate in Management-System at LADVIK.

      5.Handle safety and sanitation issues
    Constantly improve the satisfaction of LADVIK employees and provide them with hazard-free working environment.


These policies will be reviewed on a regular basis or as needed.

April 1, 2016
LADVIK Co., Ltd.

Status of Certification (as of Feb 13, 2018)








[Certificate Number T6490/1~3
Initial Certification :January 10, 2018 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:T6490/1~3
Initial Certification :December 23, 2013 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:28369/1~3
Certification of updated version of 2015 : January 10, 2018 Certificate Authority : NQA]

[Certificate Number:28369/1~3
Initial Certification :December 23, 2013 Certificate Authority:NQA]

[Certificate Number:JET-0033
Initial Certification :July 24 , 1996 Certificate Authority:JET ※transferred to NQA]

[Certificate Number:E03-361
Certification of updated version of 2015 : July 27, 2016. Certificate Authority : JET]

[Certificate Number:E03-361
Initial Certification :November 18 , 2003 Certificate Authority:JET]


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