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The LADVIK homepage is basically link-free.
Feel free to link to it. However, the content may be moved or abolished due to our company's circumstances.
If you link to a page other than the top page, please note that the link may not work properly for these reasons. Please note.
Top page URI:http://www.ladvik.com/

Secondary use of content

The texts and images posted on the LADVIK homepage basically belong to LADVIK, and please refrain from secondary use such as reprinting. Some images are posted with permission from a third party.
We are not responsible for any damages caused by handling these images. Please be forewarned.

About the use of cookies and web beacons

Our site uses cookies and the web beacons for the purpose of efficient use of the site by customers, improvement of customer convenience, improvement of the quality of this site, optimal site display and advertisement distribution to customers, etc. We do not collect your personal information through cookies or web beacons.
In addition, we may store the cookie information of this site and deliver the advertisement through a third party that outsources the advertisement distribution of this site. Depending on the browser you are using, you can either refuse the acceptance of cookies or set a warning when a cookie is sent, so you can set it yourself if necessary. Please change. For browser settings, see the instruction manual or help for each browser. Please note that some functions of this site may not be available if cookies are disabled in your browser settings.
・ "Cookies" are the named information sent and received between your browser and a web server when you visit a website, which makes it possible to identify your browser.
-Web beacon is a small image file or JavaScript embedded in a website or HTML mail, and when the customer browses it, the browsing information is recorded on the web server side.

About using Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics as an access analysis tool to improve our website, and this tool uses cookies. For more information, see Google's information collected from sites and apps that use Google's services.

About the usage environment

The LADVIK homepage is basically designed to be optimized for display on the latest browsers.
There is no problem in acquiring information even with older browsers, but some displays and functions may be in a state not intended by us.
Also, please enable the use of JavaScript in your browser before using it.
If you are using a browser that does not support JavaScript, or if the JavaScript setting is disabled, the page cannot be displayed correctly.

Please note.

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